Social Media Advertising Is More Than Just Showing Someone an Advert!

Targeted, Relevant Adverts

By targeting specific locations, gender, age, demographics, interests and behaviors you can show the most relevant advert to the right customer therefore maximizing the chance of the advert being clicked with genuine interest.

You can build custom audiences from visitors to your website and then target them with adverts in Facebook.

Create rules that filter visitors of specific pages/sections of your website and build lists of potential customers, then create relevant adverts to show them.

(E.g. someone visits your page about strawberries they’ll see your strawberry advert in Facebook, if they visit the apple page they see the apple advert.

Market Your Existing Customers

Facebook also allows you to upload your own customer email lists,which you can target with adverts. E.g.customers that have bought a product that requires refills,show them with an advert for refills.

Full Tracking

You can track conversions from Facebook on your website, i.e. sales, forms completed, signups etc. making it easy to see which adverts are working for you.

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